Interactive Information Systems

Most automated information systems manipulate data and present information for a specific purpose. We're all familiar with accounting packages, word processors, spreadsheets, and custom applications ranging from manufacturing operations to communications and beyond.

Interactive information systems put the user directly into the flow of the system. Navigation is the result of user interaction - nothing happens unless the user requests it. A series of high-impact "attract screens" is used to grab the user's attention.

Here's an example from a virtual automobile showroom:

Here's a sample attract screen and graphical menu from a realty system:

Since each user can choose a unique course of navigation, interactive systems are non-linear (unlike a video or tape recording that runs from start to finish) and dynamic (unlike a billboard or magazine ad).

Many of FTI’s interactive information systems use our mediaSUITE software, and typically involve an attractive kiosk enclosure or custom display. FTI can provide system design, development, creative services, hardware procurement and integration, installation, and implementation support, as well as content management.

Among the Interactive Information Systems we've configured are:

  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Electronic Building Directories
  • Multimedia Advertising Kiosks
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Tradeshow Directories
  • Electronic Coupon Dispensers
  • Online Stores
  • Education / Training Systems
Applications for Interactive Information Systems are limitless. Contact us to discuss your requirements.