Electronic Directory

Electronic Directories provide information about commercial buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, museums, campuses, and tourist attractions.

Attractive, low-cost enclosureThey feature directories of the tenants or services along with colorful graphics, videos, and web content. They can be configured to print maps, directions and coupons. Electronic directories can be used to help your "visitors" find related attractions in your area: hotels, restaurants, churches, theaters and other points of interest. In addition, they may be equipped with video clips, news, stock market reports, weather, and similar "channels" to entertain users in waiting rooms or lobbies.

Using FTI's netLOCK browser, electronic directories can provide safe, controlled access to the Internet to enhance the user's experience and leverage your investment in web content.

Get rid of that old fashioned directory!
The directories found in most buildings are hard to use and hard to maintain. Electronic directories simplify the job of organizing the list of tenants or services. You can easily create as many "indexes" as needed to help your visitors find what they're looking for. For example, an electronic directory in a shopping mall might have one of its indexes sorted alphabetically and another that groups all of the stores by category. And, since the data is stored in an electronic database, it is easy to add supplemental information (videos, narratives, etc.) and even provide a choice of languages to users.

Enter the Electronic Age and the world of Interactive Multimedia
Electronic directories offer unparalleled flexibility. They never run out of space and they're easy to maintain. You can (and should!) supplement listings with high-impact graphics that help users save time locating the services they need.

                High-impact splash screen

Updates are made with a user-friendly administration tool that doesnít require knowledge of computer programming.

Electronic directories can actually pay for themselves!
Using features that are standard in all Electronic Directories using FTIís mediaSUITE and netLOCK software, yours can be configured to generate revenue by supplementing listings with information about products and services, promotionals, coupons, website access, and video clips. You can also sell space on your directory to businesses and other attractions in the surrounding area as a service to your users.

Other Interactive Information Systems from FTI
FTI offers the same basic architecture used for Electronic Directories in the following applications:

  • Virtual Automobile Showroom
  • Electronic Real Estate Magazine
  • Multimedia Advertising Kiosk
  • Tradeshow Systems
  • Electronic Coupon Dispenser
  • Online Store
  • Staff Education & Training
  • Donor Recognition System
The list of possible applications grows every day!