FTI Data Replication Tools

Fleet Technologies, Inc. has developed a set of tools that enable client applications to collect and distribute data from disparate Access databases to a “master” Access database on a shared disk. While true Access replication addresses these needs, it is difficult to implement for the average user. Furthermore, we have found that many networked applications collect data for analysis and reporting purposes only. They neither require nor benefit from the more complex features that standard Access replication uses.

Our tools address the following scenario. An application collects information from a user during the normal course of operations. This application is installed on multiple “client” machines on a network, and multiple users execute this application during the course of the day. A user might have access to any of the client machines on the network. The data on each client machine needs to be collected into a remote master database for reporting and analysis. Furthermore, the database on each client machine may periodically need to retrieve data from the master to stay synchronized.

Tool Features:

  1. FTI Data Replication Configuration Tool
    • Uses a simple Windows interface to select and configure replication
    • Creates XML which can be used to configure the Replication Utility
    • Writes XML configuration files to disk. Copy these configuration files to other machines and open with our tool to ease setup
    • Validates the configuration
    • Provides feedback on the replication procedure’s progress
    • Allows multiple instances of the tool to replicate different databases
  2. FTI Data Replication Utility
    • Resides in an ActiveX DLL
    • Accepts XML configuration data
    • Integrates into your custom program
    • Maintains the foreign key relationships in your database
    • Handles autonumber fields (exception exists if autonumber fields are used as foreign keys)
    • Uses the Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider
    • Limited DB Schema modifications

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