All of our products and services are designed to generate benefits from information technology. We divide our time between software integration and development.

Software Integration Services
As integrators, we've spent nearly 20 years specializing in the fleet maintenance management industry. Most of our integration projects involve software sold by the Maximus Asset Management Division (formerly Control Software, Inc.): MCMS, a mainframe system that's been around since the early 80s, and M/4, a client/server system available since the mid 90s. Both are comprehensive, mature products with strong followings in the fleet world.

We've also helped build, integrate and modify in-house systems as well as packages from other vendors.

Fleet maintenance systems, like ERP and accounting systems, are complex and expensive. They require a tremendous commitment of time and effort to implement. FTI provides integration assistance from planning through production to help customers get the most out of their fleet maintenance software investments in the shortest possible time.

Software Development Services
We got our start here by developing software for our own use. Many integration projects required data conversion. So, we developed routines for converting data and loading system databases. Later, as production data became available, we were asked to develop analytical tools and design interfaces to other systems.

Eventually, we took on more and more development projects, many of which had nothing to do with fleets. Today, we provide software development services to a number of customers in a wide range of business settings. We've done expert systems to help engineers configure complex machinery, we've done e-commerce sites, and we've developed techniques for using XML technologies to produce high-impact analytical reports from legacy systems.

Rob Galante, our Chief Technolgy Officer, recently published an article on these techniques, which you can read by clicking the following link: XML Reports.

We're gearing up now to develop next-generation .NET systems and services.

CQM Online
You've probably figured out by now that we like hanging around shops where they fix cars, trucks and buses. As hard as it is to believe, lots of folks don't. Especially the people who own the cars, trucks, and buses. In the fleet world, the fixing is done at a company garage at little or no inconvenience to the driver. However, in the rest of the world, repairs cost a lot money and take a lot of time. Fleet guys know that regular preventive maintenance is the best way to minimize repair cost and downtime.

We developed CQM Online to deliver the same benefit to individual drivers through dealership service departments and independent service centers. Using CQM Online, dealerships and service centers take control of the maintenance of their customers' vehicles, reducing repair cost and improving customer satisfaction.

Proprietary Software
Over the years, we've developed and supported software for both fleet and non-fleet applications. mediaSUITE, our interactive authoring software, started as an experimental multimedia health information system. It has been continuously enhanced and used to power a number of interactive information systems.

Interactive Information Systems
If you've ever used a touch screen, then you know what an interactive information system is. By combining mediaSUITE with all sorts of content (text, graphics, videos, sounds, and Internet pages), we've configured systems as diverse as vehicle advertising kiosks, in-store customer information centers, ski resort advertising kiosks, hotel and restaurant advertising kiosks, and donor recognition systems.