OK, you've invested in a hot new computer or kiosk, and you want it to provide access to the Internet. But, you'd like to keep your customers (or children) from surfing all over the web. That's where we come in.

    netLOCK configured to display a retail store web site

netLOCK is FTI's proprietary web page and system file viewer designed to "lock" your computer's users onto content of your choosing. The system's administrator (the kiosk owner, a parent, or a teacher) starts by specifing the web addresses and local file names that viewers are authorized to see. Then, the administrator defines "shortcut" buttons that connect directly with one of the authorized pages or files.

Users navigate by clicking the shortcut buttons instead of typing web addresses or file names.

Unlike most Internet control and security utilities, netLOCK does not block or filter unwanted sites or files. Instead, it permits navigation to only those destinations that have been positively approved by the netLOCK administrator.

Operating netLOCK is simple and secure. Similar to a standard browser’s “home page,” netLOCK begins by navigating to a “starting URL” which can be a web address or system file name.

If the user clicks a shortcut button or hyperlink displayed on the screen, netLOCK permits the navigation only if the target is contained in the list of approved sites.

And, while netLOCK is running, the computer will not respond to the following combination of keys: Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Esc, and special “Windows” keys on extended keyboards.

These features make netLOCK the perfect choice for unattended computers that have exposed keyboards: public access kiosks and computers used by kids at home or at school.