To help you decide if FTI has the experience you require for your integration or development project, we've provided the following project summaries. You will learn about the diversity of needs and markets we've encountered over the years as well as the solutions we've provided.

New York City Maintenance System Implementation
FTI has provided a team of up to 7 specialists to assist in each phase of the implementation of FleetFocus™ MCMS (a product of the Maximus Asset Solutions Division - formerly Control Software, Inc.) throughout the City of New York. The City's combined fleet operates 55,000 units ranging from passenger cars to specialized construction equipment. FTI's implementation team provides support in each of the following areas: project management, implementation design, technical support, systems analysis, data conversion, training, documentation, and post-implementation audits.

MBCR RailFocus™ Project
MBCR (Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail Company) is a new company hired to operate the commuter rail arm of the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority). MBCR is responsible for all day-to-day rail operations and had to hire an administrative staff, absorb the existing work force, and implement new support systems by July 1, 2003. FTI was part of a team contracted by MBCR in June, 2003 to help implement the Maximus RailFocus™ system, MBCR’s new system of record for procurement and maintenance management. To date, FTI’s role has been to document all procurement-related work processes and produce step-by-step instructions for integrating the new system into the workflow. In less than 5 weeks, the team was able to completely transition all procurement management processes from the existing legacy system to RailFocus™.

Baltimore Aircoil Selection Program
FTI developed an expert system for Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc., a manufacturer of industrial refrigeration systems. The system is designed to select refrigeration equipment based upon performance requirements entered by a sales engineer. Users specify design parameters and components, and view results in various formats. The system replaced printed performance charts, tedious manual calculations, and calls to the home office for quotes. The system uses XML and XSL Transformations to render reports, generates quotes in Word, and builds customized CAD drawings in DXF format, substituting design data and component information where necessary.

Greyhound Lines, Inc. Reengineering Project
FTI helped re-engineer the preventative maintenance program at Greyhound Lines, Inc. to address unacceptably high repair costs and downtime. The new approach saved $42 million over a 2-year period.

Money Transfer Management System (MTMS)
Working with a subsidiary of Greyhound, FTI designed and programmed a web-based system for administering money transfers and overnight letters. The system handles all of the operational and accounting activities necessary to track tranfers from origin to destination. MTMS uses "active server pages" and a SQL Server 2000 database.

Livewire International Retail Sales Kiosk
FTI was selected by Livewire to develop an eCommerce ticketing system for their retail sales kiosks. FTI provided an in-house database model and years of proven eCommerce experience, utilizing highly scalable technology. FTI's rapid application development skills were instrumental in securing this account. The Livewire kiosks won The KioskCom Interactive Kiosk Excellence Award for 2003 and Kiosk Magazine's 2003 Kiosk Award for best retail sales kiosk.

Renaissance Technologies - Highway Information System
FTI developed communications servers that enable the RTI Highway Informations System (AIMS) to configure and control highway advisory radios and alert beacons. These servers were developed with Visual Basic as ActiveX Executable Programs. They use the Microsoft TAPI 3.0 and TAPI 2.x Telephony APIs to share four ports on a Dialogic D/4 PCI board. The communications servers are currently in use at several highway construction projects in Arkansas, Illinois, Lousiana and Florida. The AIMS application won a National Roadway Work Zone Safety Award for Technical Innovation in 2002.

York International XML Reporting Tool
FTI developed an XML-based back-end reporting system for York's existing Large Tonnage Chiller selection system. The system uses Java, XML, and the XSLT language to generate high quality engineering reports that can be displayed in and printed from any standard browser.

Village Volvo CQM Program
Since 1996, FTI has supplied more than 1500 CQM books to Village Volvo of Bel Air, MD to support their "Excellent Care" maintenance program. Each book is custom-tailored to the vehicle and its actual usage. In addition to the books, using CQM Online, Village now generates weekly "telereminders" to simplify the process of communicating with customers and booking appointments. In the next phase of the implementation, FTI will extract data from Village's dealership management system to fully automate the vehicle enrollment and maintenance completion processes.

Parts Plus CQM Online Project
FTI adapted CQM Online, our web-based maintenance scheduling system, to meet the needs of Parts Plus, a major aftermarket parts supplier with 1200 member Car Care Centers. CQM Online provides each Car Care Center a complete web-based system for developing and managing its preventive maintenance business. Through diligent use of CQM Online's focused marketing tools, shops can increase revenues by 25% or more while reducing their dependence on breakdown business.

FES Compressor Selection Program
FTI developed an expert system for FES Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of industrial refrigeration systems. The system is designed to select and rate refrigeration equipment based upon performance requirements entered by a sales engineer. Users typically specify dozens of input parameters, rate entire ranges of equipment, and view results in a familiar spreadsheet format that highlights the causes of differences among the computed scenarios. The system replaced printed performance charts, tedious manual calculations, and calls to the home office for quotes. The system uses XML and the XSLT language to render reports.

FES Pressure Vessel Engineering Design Program
FTI developed a standalone application to design pressure vessels, combining the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Pressure Vessel Code with the standards, procedures, and manufacturing practices of the company.

Jones Automotive Kiosk
Using our mediaSUITE authoring software, FTI designed and configured a multimedia touchscreen advertising kiosk that features all of the Jones dealerships and services. The kiosk was deployed in a shopping mall, extending the reach of the dealerships far beyond their physical boundaries.

AAA Kiosk
FTI supplied mediaSUITE authoring software and consulting services to AAA Kiosk, a Harrisburg, PA firm specializing in advertising kiosks. Their first major project was a 3-touchscreen system deployed at a major tourist venue in Central Pennsylvania. The multimedia system features hotels, restaurants, and related tourist attractions. Users can easily find information by scrolling through individual listings or selecting from system "menus" organized by type of business. Advertisers can promote their businesses with high-impact graphics, videos, narrations, web-content and printed coupons.