Multimedia Advertising Kiosks

Thanks to the ATM, computerized kiosks are widely accepted by the public in a growing number of applications. Because they combine all types of communication media (text, graphics, sound & video) kiosks are a natural choice for advertising by:

    Advertising Kiosk

  • Automobile Dealers - featuring new and used vehicles as well as dealership services
  • Real Estate Agencies - featuring homes, commercial properties, and land
  • Home Builders - featuring new home communities, video tours and testimonials from customers
  • Chambers of Commerce - featuring business and tourist attractions
  • Shopping Center Managers - featuring stores and services
The list goes on and on.

mediaSUITE Kiosk Software
If you'd like to add kiosks to your advertising mix, we hope you'll select software and services from FTI for developing and deploying your project. FTI's mediaSUITE is particularly well suited for the advertising model described in this overview.

mediaSUITE’s standard features include:

  • Splash Screens
  • Multimedia components including:
    • Full color graphics
    • Text (served from the system's database)
    • Sound files
    • Video files (local and streamed)
    • Web content
  • Selectors
  • Questionnaires
  • Logos
  • Phone Dialer
  • Proprietary browser module - limits access to only those sites permitted by the administrator
  • Usage logs and reports
  • Editor utility for managing system configuration and content
  • One-click content update utility
Advertising Kiosk Examples
  • A commercial real estate company deployed electronic directories in the lobbies of its properties. Each kiosk provided a building directory and advertising featuring venues of interest to tenants and visitors including hotels, restaurants, churches, and retail shops.
  • An automobile dealership created a virtual showroom kiosk and placed it in a shopping mall. The kiosk provided information about their new vehicle lines, dealership services, and a used vehicle selector configured to let the user sort through hundreds of vehicles with 2 or 3 touches on the screen. The kiosk was also equipped with a phone and automatic dialing software to put the user in direct contact with the sales department.

    Virtual Showroom Main Menu

  • An East Coast advertising firm placed 3-kiosk system in the lobby of a major tourist attraction (over 2 million visitors annually). The kiosk replaced a wall filled with racks of expensive brochures, providing unlimited exposure to local restaurants, hotels, shops, and other businesses. Users are treated to lively videos and colorful displays as well as printable directions and discount coupons from several of the advertisers.

    Hospitality Advertiser Kiosk

  • A turn-key kiosk design, supply and advertising company deployed 100 kiosks in ski shops throughout the country to link users, retailers, equipment manufacturers, and advertisers (resorts).

    Ski Shop Kiosk

  • A counseling service placed a kiosk in a public library to provide self-directed information and advice regarding typical family problems. The kiosk provided valuable free public information with the ability to get in touch with the sponsor in the event that more detailed counseling was desired. Local companies purchased advertising to sponsor the development of new topics for the system.