Trade Show Systems

The next time you're at a trade show, watch how many people simply grab the goodies from your booth and move on. Sometimes, it's because you just don't have enough people in the booth to interact with each visitor. Sometimes, it's the visitor who feels intimidated and just wants to "browse." An interactive trade show system is a cost-effective tool for addressing either situation.

You can package your message in an attractive touch screen kiosk or desktop computer system that encourages visitors to investigate topics of interest at their own pace. Your existing high-quality graphics, literature, web content, and video can be packaged and deployed for a fraction of the cost of human presenters. And, your automated trade show attendant never sleeps and never dissappears to check out the competition!

Here's an example from a musical instrument manufacturers trade show:

Since most manufacturers offer dozens of products, it's not always possible to exhibit samples of every one. A trade show system gives you the ability to expose your entire product catalog with high-impact graphics, detailed secifications, and video-taped testimonials from satisfied customers.

Interactive trade show systems are driven by FTI's mediaSUITE software, and typically involve an attractive kiosk enclosure or custom display. We can provide system design, development, creative services, hardware procurement and integration, installation, and implementation support, as well as content management.

If you'd like to learn more about trade show systems, please contact us to discuss your requirements.